Open Condenser Water Systems

Open cooling towers require careful treatment prior to commissioning and throughout their operating life.

Cooling towers generate an aerosol, which can disseminate water droplets into locations where they present a risk to personnel. These droplets may be inhaled and if they contain Legionella there is an associated risk to health.

In general cooling towers always require chlorination in accordance with L8 after installation and prior to being brought on line with the associated maintenance water treatment dosing. In addition chlorinations are required twice per annum and in the event of other occurrences such as:

  • Alteration to the tower or associated pipework
  • Returned to service after a shut down
  • Increased microbiological counts

Prior to being brought into use for the first time the pipework associated with the cooling tower should be flushed and cleaned in accordance with current BSRIA guidance. (BSRIA website)
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Open Condenser Water Systems