Our services include:
  • Monitoring/witnessing of water treatment during chemical cleaning.
  • Validation surveys for clients purchasing new buildings.
  • Validation water samples prior to alteration of pipework.
  • Independent verification of water quality on completion of cleaning and at practical completion.
  • Assessing base build water quality before fit out connections are made and monitoring water quality within fit out circuits.
  • Review of systems with operating difficulties to ascertain whether problems are a water quality or water balance or other issue.
  • Review of system design and/or installation to assess ease of cleaning.
  • Problem prevention/solving - especially in relation to microbiological contaminants/physical contaminants/chemical cleaning.
  • Writing specifications for the cleaning of water systems.
  • Checking water treatment method statements.
  • Taking independent samples for analysis and issue of a report and advice.
  • Routine monitoring of water quality in operational systems - domestic water, closed systems and open evaporative systems.
  • Water quality audits on operational systems / advice prior to alterations.
  • Audits of water systems for clients entering into tenancy agreements.
  • Assistance with interviewing / appointing water treatment contractors.
  • Investigations into pipe/ fitting failure.
  • Maintenance advice.
  • Endoscope surveying
  • Training.

We do not supply labour for water treatment or chemicals and thus our independence is maintained