About Us

Chesterfield was established in 1998.

Water system design has become more complex as a result of the increasing need to control temperatures in office spaces, health premises, public places, data centres etc. The ultimate cleanliness of the systems has become more and more critical due to the fine bore regulating and control valves associated with the designs. As a result of this the need for water treatment expertise developed within the construction and building services industry.

A niche for the considerable experience of Chesterfield's technical personnel was created by clients who looked for independent and unbiased assistance in an area where poor water caused costly and significant problems. Chesterfield personnel come from a range of backgrounds and all are acknowledged for their own specific expertise in the industry.

Chesterfield only act in an advisory, independent validation or monitoring capacity and hence independence is maintained.
Some of the projects we have been involved with recently:
  • Development on South of River near Battersea
  • London Fruit & Wool Exchange
  • 60 -70 St. Mary Axe
  • Royal College of Pathologists
  • 151 Shaftesbury Avenue
  • International Quarter
  • 2 Brunel Place, Slough
  • 80 Charlotte Street
  • Shard Place
  • Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
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