Water Quality Validation

The water quality within commercial, public health and other large premises can be problematic to property owners, developers, contractors and all parties with responsibilities for the operation of the building and the longevity of pipework and plant.

Water conditions within closed systems are especially important and unless controlled can allow pipework and plant conditions to deteriorate - or operational problems can occur as a result of fouled water. Additionally conditions within open systems (domestic and condenser) are important and should be assessed from a health perspective in addition to pipework conditions.

Before purchasing a property, undertaking a Fit Out, taking on a new maintenance contract or altering pipework in closed systems (heating, chilled etc) it is prudent to have a full set of water samples taken in order to assess the water quality. On occasions sampling of open systems is also important.This allows timely and appropriate remediation in the event that it is necessary. Additionally this can allow new building owners to assess the risks associated with water systems incorporating costly plant before finalising on a purchase.

Chesterfield offer an independent water quality validation service. We take samples in accordance with BS 8552 and issue a full report with recommendations thereafter.